The first stage of the construction already began. Completion of the first houses is scheduled for spring 2020.

We offer a unique opportunity to buy property on a newly built residential street. Houses of three types will be built on twenty-five 557–1551 m² lots. All houses are generously sized, so their future owners can look forward to a highly comfortable life in spacious rooms, plenty of privacy and proximity to nature.

Although these are spec houses, we perceive the construction of each of them as a separate project tailored to the needs of our customers. We also pay attention to seemingly small details and work with long-lasting materials whose quality we guarantee.

Green Hills is a synonym for a modern neighborhood built in a uniform style on a sunny southern slope in Zahořany near Beroun. A place to call home. A place to return to with joy.

How does it work?

Choose one of the generously-sized lots on which we will build a new house for you. We will tailor the project to your wishes and requirements. When signing the agreement, you will pay 20% of the property purchase price, after completion of the rough construction stage you will pay an additional 20% of the purchase price, and then you can just watch your villa grow. No need to pay multiple visits to various state institutions, monitor the construction work, or deal with missing material from suppliers – we take care of it all for you. High quality construction is a guarantee you can take to the bank. So is the completion deadline.

Then it’s time to make sure everything is according to the project. After the acceptance of the house, you pay the remaining 60% of the agreed price and we jointly sign a purchase agreement.

Time to move in!

You can easily reach your home by a newly built road. The property will be completely connected to the local technical infrastructure – sewerage, water supply, power lines, gas and internet. And because we adhere to highest standards of energy efficiency when building, your utilities expenses will be minimal.

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