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Pick your new home in the Green Hills residential area in Zahořany near Beroun. We build an entire residential street in a modern uniform style from the ground up. We offer 25 lots sized between 557 and 1551 m². On each of them will stand a house customized according to its future owner’s preferences.  You can choose from 3 types of houses available. Turn a new page and enjoy life in the immediate vicinity of beautiful Křivoklát countryside just 20 minutes from Prague.

Lot numberLot areaHouse typeGarage or parking spaceFloor areaHouse price with land (incl. VAT)PDF
235/7583 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space123.49 m²560 000 EUR
235/9664 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space123.49 m²SOLD
235/10788 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space or double garage123.49 m²SOLD
235/11557 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space123.49 m²SOLD
235/12568 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space123.49 m²SOLD
235/14627 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space123.49 m²SOLD
235/15748 m²MEADOW VIEWgarage + parking space167 m²SOLD
235/16962 m²OAK HOUSEdouble garage226.29 m²SOLD
235/18883 m²OAK HOUSEdouble garage226.29 m²940 000 EUR
235/19931 m²OAK HOUSEdouble garage226.29 m²890 000 EUR
235/20853 m²OAK HOUSE MAN CAVEdouble garage259.62 m²940 000 EUR
235/21823 m²OAK HOUSE MAN CAVEdouble garage259.62 m²SOLD
235/22752 m²OAK HOUSEdouble garage226.29 m²SOLD
235/23722 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space123.49 m²SOLD
235/24673 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space123.49 m²SOLD
235/25602 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space123.49 m²SOLD
235/26775 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space123.49 m²SOLD
235/27761 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space123.49 m²SOLD
235/28645 m²MEADOW VIEWparking space123.49 m²SOLD
235/291124 m²SKY LINE PANORAMIC2× garage + 3× parking space324 m²1 200 000 EUR
235/301551 m²SKY LINEdouble garage288.67 m²SOLD
235/312762 m²HILLSIDE SPLENDOR570 m²890 000 EUR (land with house project)
250/77790 m²OAK HOUSEdouble garage226.29 m²SOLD
254/81792 m²SKY LINEgarage + parking space288.67 m²SOLD
254/82744 m²MEADOW VIEWdouble garage188.18 m²SOLD
250/761160 m²OAK HOUSEdouble garage226.29 m²RESERVED



If you are interested in one of our properties,
please make an appointment with us.


If you are interested in a specific house, we will prepare a reservation agreement  and keep that property reserved for you. The reservation agreement requires paying a fee of 100 000 Kč within 5 days of being signed. This amount will later be deduced from the purchase price.


A precontract of real estate sale & purchase (SoSBK) will be signed within one month from the date of making your reservation agreement. You just need to pay 20% of the purchase price within 10 days. Once your house has been built, you will need to pay another 20% of the purchase price within 15 days.

  • 20% 20%

The remaining 60% of the purchase price is due after the acceptance of the house (within 10 days). A purchase agreement will be signed at the same time.

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