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An elegantly designed house. Every single detail carefully planned in both design and realization. We are passionate about creating extraordinary homes. With the project perfectly tailored to your needs and expectations, your home will be exactly the way you want it.

Technologies and materials used


The heating system is powered by an electric boiler located in the utility room with a DHW tank connected to it. The entire living space is heated  by underfloor heating.


  • Strong current – min. 2 outlets in living rooms, finish elements color white
  • Weak Current – Antennas for receiving terrestrial TV signal, Eurosignal data network
  • Lighting – a light bulb socket in the center of the room


There will be a suspended plasterboard ceiling with Isover thermal insulation, and in case there is a second floor, there will be monolithic reinforced concrete structures.

Wall surfaces

Plaster, ceramic tiles.


  • fixtures and fittings
  • bathtub
  • WC
  • shower enclosure


Heluz bricks with thickness varying between 140 and 250 mm. The bricks are glued with special  thin-layer mortar. Brick wall is finished with lime-gypsum plaster.


  • vent fans in bathrooms and WC
  • kitchen hood duct


EPS 150 mm insulation system.

White silicone plaster will be used for the facade.

White gypsum plaster is used for interior surfaces.


Vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles.

Interior doors

Flush doors, with casing, white.


The 38° roof has a traditional purlin structure.

Gutter system

The gutter system is made of black-painted DEKRAIN steel.


The building stands on strip foundation with a concrete 150 mm. slab on top.

Driveway and walkway

Interlocking concrete pavement.

Peripheral and supporting structures

The masonry used is Plus 38 Brick, manufactured by the traditional Czech manufacturer HELUZ. Inside the brick walls will be covered with plaster. On the outside there will be contact thermal insulation system finished with structured facade plaster.

Windows and doors

There will be triple glazed white plastic  facade windows and doors

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