Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

I. Information on personal data processing

Company: GREEN HILLS REALTY s.r.o.
Registered address: Akatova 233, Křižatky, Králův Dvůr, 267 01
ID: 06562850

Contact details:
Phone #: +420 737 536 436

GREEN HILLS REALTY s.r.o. performs comprehensive development activities and personal data control. As a personal data controller, we hereby inform you about the manner and extent of processing your personal data, including the scope of your rights as a data subject related to its processing.


II. Purpose and scope of personal data processing, defining personal data

The personal data you fill out in the contact form, such as

  • name and last name
  • e-mail, phone number

will be processed by GREEN HILLS REALTY s.r.o. exclusively for the purpose of communication related to the message you submit via the contact form.

The personal data you provide to us when negotiating, before signing the relevant contract (reservation, precontract of real estate sale & purchase, purchase and sale agreement, etc.) or when signing the actual contract with GREEN HILLS REALTY s.r.o., especially:

  • name and last name
  • date of birth, personal ID number
  • residence
  • e-mail, phone number
  • ID number (identity card, passport, residence permit card)
  • podobiznu, place of birth (if you give us your consent to make a copy of your identity document for identification purposes under Act No. 253/2008 Coll.
  • bank account number
  • other data required by GREEN HILLS REALTY s.r.o. for signing a contract with you,


will be processed for the purposes of:

  • completing the required procedures to sign the relevant contract;
  • carrying out the obligations under the contract and providing related services;
  • keeping records of our income, expenses, payments received and their management;
  • accounting and complying with tax regulations;
  • claim recovery;
  • complying with legal obligations;
  • complying with real estate management obligations;
  • complying with the duties of the chairman of the owners’ association;
  • archiving required by law.


III. Legal basis for the processing of personal data

The legal basis for processing your personal data is addressed in Section II and includes, in particular:

  • Necessity of data processing for signing the contract with you or completing the required procedures preceding the signing of the contract per your request;
  • Compliance with our statutory obligations relating to us as a taxpayer, in particular under Act. No. 563/1991 Coll., on Accounting, Act. No. 586/1992 Coll., on Income Taxes, etc.


IV. Processors and recipients of personal data:

The processor of your personal data is GREEN HILLS REALTY s.r.o. with whom you intend to or have entered into a contract. Furthermore, processors and data recipients can be as follows:

  • third-party accounting firms and legal service providers;
  • banks and building savings banks providing you or us with a loan;
  • notaries performing safekeeping of money and documents;
  • suppliers of your custom designs and equipment;
  • financial and cadastral offices, state and administrative authorities in the performance of their legal duties;

We do not transmit your personal data abroad.


V. Period of personal data processing

We keep your personal data for the time necessary for the above purposes. In the event that we process your personal data for a longer period than stated above, we will always process it for reasons justified by our legitimate interests or for reasons stipulated by law and always only for the period stipulated by law.


VI. Rights of the data subject

With your personal data processed, you have the following privacy rights:

  • the right to request access to your personal information;
  • the right to correct inaccurate personal data;
  • the right to restricted processing. Restricted processing means that we must mark your personal data for which processing has been restricted and may not process it any further, except for storing it, if:
  • you deny the accuracy of your personal information at the time we need to verify it;
  • processing your personal data is illegal, and you refuse to have your personal data deleted, requesting to restrict its use instead;
  • we no longer need your personal data for processing purposes, but you need it to stay in order to determine, execute or defend any legal claims;
  • you object to the processing principles set out in Section VII below until it’s verified that our legitimate reasons for processing outweigh your interests or rights and freedoms.
  • the right to have your personal data deleted, which applies only to personal data we processed for purposes other than those declared when your personal data was collected.
  • the right to data portability. You may obtain your personal data from us to forward it to another personal data controller or pass it on to another personal data controller yourself. However, you only have this right with respect to the data we process automatically under an agreement with you.
  • the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority if you believe that our processing of your personal data violates the personal data protection legislation. You can file a complaint with the supervisory authority. In the Czech Republic, the Supervisory Authority is the Office for Personal Data Protection, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic,


VII. Right to object to the processing of your personal data

With your personal data being processed for our or a third party’s legitimate purpose (the legal bases for processing are listed in Section III), you have the right to object to such processing at any time. You can object to the processing of your personal data by sending us letter to the address provided in Section I. Upon becoming aware of such an objection, we will only be entitled to proceed with the processing if we have substantiated legitimate reasons that outweigh your interests or rights and freedoms and, if applicable, in case such processing is necessary to determine, exercise or defend legal claims.

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